Super GameHouse Solitaire

Super GameHouse Solitaire 1.4

If you like cards, you must download Super GameHouse Solitaire Vol

If you like cards and have time to play a good card game you must download Super GameHouse Solitaire Vol. 3.
Once you download it, you can choose from a great variety of solitaire games, from the challenging Scorpion to a relaxing game such as classic solitaire.
The games you can choose from are Scorpion, Clover, Kings and Aces, Towers, Tricky, Sultan of Turkey, Osmosis, Ocean´s 11, Concentration, 40 Thieves. Each of them is with its own difficulty.
You must practice a lot to win all of its kind.
You can choose from 5 tracks as background music and also select background colors.
Your progress can be saved anytime, so you can continue later.
It is an addictive game, so once you start it won't be easy to stop playing it.
If you have any doubt about how to play a specific type of solitaire, an explanation box with complete instructions will be shown after you choose which kind of solitaire game you want to play.
Once you download this game, you have 60 minutes to get familiarized with all its game play , after you buy there won't be a limit , and you can play for any length of time.

Guzman Gonzalez
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  • Music selection
  • Color selection
  • Great variety of games


  • Only 60 minutes in the trial version
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